Community Organizations

Group CPR

Nobody ever does CPR on themselves!

Think about it… The very purpose of taking a CPR or First Aid class is to be prepared to help someone else when they most need it. People who are willing to respond to others in need are our kind of people. That is why we created our GIVE BACK program. The way it works is pretty simple. Sign up a group of people from your organization, or the students in your class, or the members of your church, for one of our American Heart Association “CPR For Family and Friends” classes and we will come to your location and teach it. The class is normally $50, but we will give everyone in the group a discounted price.  Then we will turn around and give you 20% of the money we collect! It’s a great fundraising opportunity for you, but more importantly, we are training the people in your community to be prepared when they are needed most. If this sounds interesting, contact us.  Let’s talk about how we can help your organization out.